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How to Hire Development Agencies

Download our short guide and template for a crash course on how to hire the right development partner for your organisation

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    I always turn to Andy when I need high-quality advice about my business. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful and very easy to work with.

    Blair Wadman

    London, UK

    What you get:

    A short PDF eBook and access to a Google Sheets template with a clear process you can use to make decisions driven by data and not just your gut.

    You'll also receive regular emails from our principal, Andy Henson. He sends out advice on topics like this, blueprints and insights on how you can get the most from your technology and automation to become a more effective leader and give your organisation an unfair technology advantage.

    Technology in business is not just about using software to run the organisation more efficiently. It permeates all aspects of our modern lives and it pays to learn how to leverage it effectively.

    You'll learn how to:

    • Communicate more clearly throughout your organisation
    • Think with better clarity
    • Make better decisions with more data and less bias
    • Put your people first
    • Leverage automation to enjoy a better work/life balance

    What is it all about?

    Any worthwhile development project has the potential for high reward but also a certain amount of risk. As the owner or executive responsible for acquiring technology it can be a scary and daunting prospect, and especially if you're doing this for the first time.

    Hiring the wrong development agency can be an expensive mistake wasting time, effort and money.

    Are you worried that you could cost your organisation thousands, potentially even hundreds of thousands, in a poor technology choice, and worse, also cause a lot of hassle, grief and annoyance not just for you, but your staff. Over time, poorly executed technology projects can cause a lot of hidden morale destroying effects.

    You already have enough on your plate doing the work that you're an expert in, how can you make a good thought-through decision and find a technology partner who will not only help realise your vision, but go beyond and help you use technology to greater effect in your organisation?

    Imagine what it might feel like having spoken with several great candidate agencies and then making a clear confident choice based on a coherent set of criteria matched uniquely to your business needs.

    Imagine knowing what you actually need in an agency, quantifying the upside but not needing to rely on price as a crutch. Price is the worst factor to base a decision on, but often it's the only thing that can be compared when there's no other means of comparison.

    Our free, no fluff, crash course eBook will give you a great starting point to be able to carefully consider what you actually need in a development partner and a template to use to do your research, and make your selection with confidence.